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Days of Austin's Captivity

Faith ~ Hope ~ Love

On July 19, we, Austin's parents, met with President Obama in the Oval Office.

Our President is fully informed about Austin and personally involved in the ongoing efforts to secure his safe return. Mr. Obama assured us of his absolute commitment to see Austin safely home.

When he spoke of his preparedness to ensure that his successor will be fully briefed of the White House commitment to our son, we reminded him that he is Austin's President and he must not even consider the possibility of leaving this undone.

Please join us in asking President Obama to use every appropriate and possible diplomatic opportunity to achieve Austin's freedom.

Write or call United States officials asking them to remind President Obama that this is an important piece of his legacy - bringing Austin safely home is something which cannot be UNdone by any subsequent administration.


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Most importantly, please keep Austin in your thoughts and prayers until he is safely home. We continue to fervently pray, relentlessly work, and steadfastly believe Austin will be returned to his life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. May it be soon.

In faith and friendship,
Debra and Marc Tice

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Urge President Obama to do all he can
and bring Austin safely home soon!


When Journalists are Silenced, We are all Blindfolded!

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